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    122 行· These tools consist of a precise brass ball with a layer of charged into the surface. The brass ball is usually attached to a steel stem to provide a holding dev. In use, the charged brass is slowly rotated under very light pressure against the ball seat to provide a perfectly spherical narrow land, forming a high quality seal.

  • PART #DESCRIPTIONPRICEDCB-062-3-BDIAMOND CHARGED BALL, SIZE: 1/16" 0.0625", 3 MICRON DIAMO$10.45DCB-062-3-SDIAMOND CHARGED BALL ON STEM, SIZE: 1/16" 0.0625", 3 MIC21.45DCB-062-6-BDIAMOND CHARGED BALL, SIZE: 1/16" 0.0625", 6 MICRON DIAMO$9.35DCB-062-6-SDIAMOND CHARGED BALL ON STEM, SIZE: 1/16" 0.0625", 6 MIC21.45查看precisionballs的所有122行
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    16/02/2016· You might try a CBN charged ball lap. Running it driven with an eccentric pin to drive it will improve wear rate and form retention. Alternatively try using the silicon nitride ball for tooling pressing it into the cone to form the seat. The silicon nitride is incredibly strong in compression, exceeding 400,000 psi compressive stress.

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    ball seat lapping tools A better solution is to use our spherical balllapping tools. They have a heavy concentration of particles embedded in their surface. These embedded lapping balls are usually glued in a shallow conical cup on the end of a cylindrical pin, to facilitate driving it in the seat

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    Kemet Diamond Lapping machines are ideally suited for lapping and repairing safety valves. The safety valve seat can be easily and reproducible be lapped in under 5 minutes using our technology.

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    United States Ball Corp. has extensive capabilities in Spherical Lapping and Spherical Grinding. We lap your industrial metal balls, partial spheres and spherical seats. We have equipment to preform your on-line leak tests, and to inspect the roundness and surface finish of spherical surfaces.

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    The Lapmaster Wolters LBVS has been developed to produce very accurate spherical surfaces on a variety of Ball Valves. A scratch free, matt high-quality surfaces is obtained on the Ball Valve and Seat. The machine match laps two Seats to the valve, achieving a perfect mechanical seal for any pressure requirement.

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    11/03/2010· For smaller valves, the stainless balls are made just like ball bearings. They are run between 2 counter-rotating cast iron plates with an abrasive. The machining is done afterwards in dedicated equipment. That's how most of the commercial 4" and under stuff is done.

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    In addition to its other attributes, the ball seat lapping process carries almost no risk of personal injury. To increase tool life, this tool is offered as “armor plated.” The armored plated lapping tool consists of an additional layer of embedding.


    24/02/2017· How to do the Lapping of a Valve Seat (Gate Valve) By using Mandrel Tool / Ashutosh Mariner Duration: 5:14. Ashutosh Mariner 906 Ball lapping at

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    Home > Ball Valve Match Lapping. The Lapmaster Wolters Ball Valve Match Lapping Machine has been developed to simultaneously match lap two seats to the ball valve. These stand alone systems are fully guarded and CE compliant. The Lapmaster Wolters LBVS range offers several models each targeting a specific range of ball valves and seats. Contact us for more information on this innovative

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    ball seat lapping tools. Valve Grinding & Lapping Machines Climax Portable . valve grinding & lapping machines Lightweight for easy handling and installation, our valve grinding and lapping machines span ing ranges for gate valves from 1.3 to 39.4 inches (32 to 1000 mm). During operation, you can quickly change grinding disks and adjust the grind pressure. Read More. Ball Seat Lapping

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    11/03/2010· In the late 70's I built a grinder to grind 3" ball valves that had a stem about 3" long out each end. I used a surface grinder and part of a between centers O.D. grinder. The same set-up should for lapping using a VFD to slow down the RPM and make a cup type lap. (The ball valves were first machined on an NC machine.)

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    · Ball Seat Lapping Hi Guys One supplier i found makes a 3/32" charged ball on a stem but the life of the tool isnt what I had hoped. Valve Lapping Tools Products & Suppliers Spherical Grinding and Lapping for metal balls by United States Ball Corp. in California. ball lapping tool . Bolt Face Lapping Tool (Plunger only) STD or Mag. Condition: New product Items in stock

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    A better solution is to use our spherical ball-lapping tools. They have a heavy concentration of particles embedded in their surface. These embedded lapping balls are usually glued in a shallow conical cup on the end of a cylindrical pin, to facilitate driving it in the seat lapping operation (see Figure #1.) For high production automated applications, we produce custom lapped

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    A wide variety of ball lapping machine options are availe to you, MENU MENU Alibaba 3450 RRM Ball Bearing Motor Split Lapping Machine Jewelry Making Tools Polishing Lapping Machine. US $225.00-$245.00 / Piece 1 Piece (Min. Order) 2 YRS . Shenzhen Hajet Jewelry Equipment Co., Ltd. (3) Contact Supplier ··· 4-way 10 inch trunnion flanged bugatti ball valve lockout flange dn50 pn16


    “wobbling” motion while lapping. • When lapping a nozzle seat, hold the lap with all five fingers extended approximately 1 inch from the edge of the lap. This procedure will guide you bothe in keeping the lap centered over the seat and in preventing a rocking or “wobbling” motion while lapping. PRECAUTIONS TO HEED Observe precautions when lapping either a valve disc or nozzle seat

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    DK Machine offers valve ball and seat manufacturing and repair, and provides spherical grinding servs for many industries including military, mining, pulp and , petroleum and chemical. We produce precision valve balls for use in severe duty, high pressure, and high tolerance applications. Our products include stainless steel, titanium, Stellite®, Hastalloy®, brass, carbon steel


    Neway Manufacturing, Inc. Manufacturer and distributor of valve and valve seat reconditioning tools and equipment.